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Project INF

Data management platform to facilitate data integration and in silico identification of decision points in infection

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar


The INF project will provide the infrastructure for data management and bioinformatics analyses for the entire CRC. INF will provide the infrastructure to store, access, exchange and integrate the generated data in accordance with the FAIR principles. For that, we have setup a powerful 20 TB storage and 72 core computational server. Data, data processing pipelines and software will be made accessible to all members of the CRC and continuously updated on our central INF repository. INF will also provide course programmes and software tuition to enable optimal data analysis for each project. To identify common molecular decision points in human infections, integration of different types of experimental data generated by the projects of the proposed CRC will be essential. INF will support joined meta-analyses to deliver insights into molecular decision points governing key decisions in the interaction between pathogens and their hosts. Finally, we will make preparatory steps for the implementation of a virtual research environment (VRE) to enable the long-term access and use of DECIDE data not only by internal users but also by external users. 

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