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Project Z02

Temporal and spatial single-cell genomics to map decision points in infection

Dr. Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba & Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Erhard


Host-pathogen interactions exhibit strong inter-cellular heterogeneity, are highly dynamic and occur within tissues with complex anatomies, in a wide variety of cell types and microenvironments. Our understanding of these complex networks and their temporal and spatial dynamics remains fragmentary. The recent progress in single-cell genomics, spatial transcriptomics and temporal single-cell transcriptomics provides unique opportunities to identify decision points in host-pathogen crosstalk. Over the last decade, Würzburg has become a central place in Germany for the development of transcriptomics technologies that allow the investigation of infection processes at the single-cell level. Therefore, single-cell genomics is at the heart of each individual CRC project. In project Z02, we will provide the research infrastructure to design and perform single-cell genomics. Z02 will also be the hub to support single-cell data analysis. In addition, we will provide training in programming, data analysis and advanced single-cell techniques. We will build and maintain the Infection Atlas for exploratory single-cell data analysis, data sharing and visualisation. Building on the expertise of our CRC network, we will develop and implement cutting-edge sequencing technologies and computational methods as well as sophisticated tools for spatio-temporal approaches to enable in-depth analyses of data generated in the CRC. Overall, Z02 will provide a unique experimental and computational infrastructure to investigate host-pathogen interaction in space and time. 

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